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Opposition rejects Morsi move to scrap decree

Opposition leaders in Egypt rejected a move by President Mohammed Morsi to annul a decree that gives him more powers. Issued on November 22, it strips the judiciary of any right to challenge his decisions, and triggered protests. The opposition declared that protests will continue on Tuesday, December 11, even as Islamists vowed to hold counter demonstrations. Morsi had announced a vote on a new constitution would push through on December 15. The spokesman of the opposition National Salvation Front said they reject the referendum which they foresee as leading to more division and sedition. Morsi’s critics have accused him of acting like a dictator, but he defended his actions, saying he is merely safeguarding the revolution that ousted strongman Hosni Mubarak. The Egyptian judiciary, according to Morsi’s supporters, consists of remnants of the Mubarak regime. The situation remains tense in Egypt, according to the BBC.

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