Flooded? Your electrical wiring, kerosene lamp may cause fire

The Bureau of Fire Protection warns residents in flooded areas to have their electrical wiring system checked before they turn on their appliances

WARNING: Bureau of Fire Protection officer-in-charge CSupt Carlito Romero wants flooded residents their electrical wiring system may cause fire. Rappler photo

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) warned residents in flooded areas to get their electrical wiring system checked before turning on their appliances. 

BFP officer-in-charge CSupt Carlito Romero also warned residents who are using candles and kerosene lamps as sources of light to be careful with them. “There are instances when [they] started a fire,” he said on Thursday, August 22,.

“We have several instances after flooding that people cleaning and repairing their appliances were electrocuted,” Romero said.

Romero added the electrical wiring systems of various areas were definitely affected given the magnitude of the floods. 

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“You have to be very careful. You have to coordinate with Meralco or your local power companies to see to it that the electricity has been cut off,” Romero said.

“You just cannot re-energize your wiring system. You have to check it. You have to probably secure the services of professionals,” he added.

Romero said residents in flooded areas may seek the assistance of the BFP, whose inspectors are now coordinating with the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the city electricians of various local government units. — Rappler.com