Aquino, Binay parting of ways in 2016 ‘inevitable’
A Palace spokesperson says the 2 highest officials will inevitably part ways since they belong to different parties that will field respective presidential bets

MANILA, Philippines [UPDATED] – There will be an “inevitable parting” of ways between President Benigno S. Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016 as they belong to different political parties that will field their respective presidential bets.

This was the reply of Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte during a press briefing on Sunday, April 15 when asked how the two highest officials will proceed with the upcoming 2016 national elections.

“There will be an inevitable parting of ways because of the fact that they…belong to two different political parties. President Aquino is with the Liberal Party and the Vice is with PDP-Laban….So inevitably …there will come a time when they will be endorsing two different standard bearers of their respective parties,” Valte said.

Binay has already confirmed his intention to run for presidency in 2016, while Aquino has yet to announce his bet for the next presidential race.

Valte said “what’s important at this particular time is the support for the programs, for the reform agenda of the President” which Binay has given.

Valte was reacting to the analysis of former Senator Ernesto Maceda, who had said that, though Binay is supporting the Aquino’s anti-corruption efforts, the two would eventually clash in the 2016 elections.

Maceda noted that the “Corona factor,” referring to the impact of the impeachment case against chief justice Renato Corona, will ignite a possible rift between Aquino and Binay. 

Maceda predicts that a vote to acquit Corona is a vote supporting Binay’s presidential bid, while a vote to convict Corona will drive support for Aquino and his presidential candidate in 2016. 

Binay’s camp distanced itself from Maceda’s predictions. –

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