Arroyo needs another surgery?
Inquirer reports that former President Arroyo faces a 'life-threatening' condition and needs to be treated abroad

MANILA, Philippines – Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo needs immediate surgery abroad due to complications arising from her neck ailment, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported in its Friday, May 11 edition.

Mrs Arroyo was brought to the Makati Medical Center Thursday, May 10, for a check-up after she complained of difficulty in breathing. Quoting an anonymous source, the Inquirer said “the choking sensation she experienced was due to the titanium implant that has protruded to her esophagus, causing her to choke.”

The Inquirer source said her condition is “life-threatening” and that she would have to seek medical treatment abroad.

The former president, detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, underwent 3 surgeries last year to cure a severe neck and back pain.

At the time of her check-up Thursday morning, her husband Mike Arroyo was still abroad for a week-long business and vacation trip that was approved by the Sandiganbayan. The couple are facing graft charges before the court; Mr Arroyo is out on bail. The former president, on the other hand, is detained on a non-bailable offense of election sabotage filed against her before a Pasay court.

Mr Arroyo arrived Thursday night from Japan and Hong Kong. He left the country last May 3. –