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#PopeFrancisPH: People’s Coverage of People’s Pope

#PopeFrancisPH: People’s Coverage of People’s Pope
Rappler launches its #PopeFrancisPH microsite, the go-to source for news, images, conversations, and perspective on Pope Francis' Philippine trip

MANILA, Philippines – On the birthday of Pope Francis, Rappler launches an interactive platform for his historic trip to the Philippines – the go-to site for the People’s Coverage of the People’s Pope.

On Wednesday, December 17, Rappler presents its #PopeFrancisPH microsite, a user-friendly source of news, images, conversations, and perspective on the the 78-year-old pontiff’s Philippine trip. Click this link to access the microsite.

The microsite contains basic information on the the papal visit: his schedule and activities in the Philippines, and all the stories by Rappler since it began its 100-day countdown to this historic event.

Through a wide range of voices from various fields, it also promises to provide perspective beyond the minute details. What does the visit mean for the Filipino? What impact will it make on the world?

Now this is the most important part of the microsite: #PopeFrancisPH includes you, the Rappler follower and reader, in covering the Pope’s trip to the Philippines.

Francis, after all, is the People’s Pope.

‘Pope in 140,’ #ShowThePope

For starters, what kinds of things do you need to hear from Francis? For what aspects of life do you need the Pope’s words of wisdom?

To help you with this, Rappler is rolling out “Pope in 140,” a collection of the Pope’s most tweetable quotes on 6 of his favorite topics: poverty, the youth, the Catholic Church, marriage and family, forgiveness and redemption, and everyday life.

Rappler compiles these nuggets of wisdom the Twitter way – in 140 characters. Check out Pope in 140 by clicking this link.

Is there also anything you want the Pope to see that’s not part of his itinerary? If you had your way, what do you want to show the Pope?

Soon, Rappler is also launching #ShowThePope, a crowdsourcing platform for anything you want the Pope to see in the Philippines – from selfies to tourist sites to images of poverty.

Send us your photos using the hashtag #ShowThePope, which will be part of our #PopeFrancisPH gallery that will be presented to the Vatican.

Through the microsite, Rappler will also host conversations and accept contributions – text or photos – to add color and context to ourcoverage.

We’ll tell you more about the microsite in the coming days. Join us in covering #PopeFrancisPH! – Rappler.com

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