All Duterte children shave heads in support of father’s 2016 bid

Editha Caduaya
All Duterte children shave heads in support of father’s 2016 bid
'We feel the extreme pressure and are now discussing all possibilities,' including their father's 'being a substitute candidate,' says Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The 3 grownup children of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte now all have their heads shaven as a show of support for whatever decision their father will make for the 2016 elections – including a possible presidential bid.

On Tuesday night, October 27, former Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio, current Vice Mayor Paolo, and Sebastian shaved their heads, acknowledging that not just their father but the entire family are feeling the pressure of the clamor by a number of groups for him to run for president.

On October 13, Sara shaved her head to show support to his father. Her photo, posted on Instagram, carried the hashtags #kalboparasapagbabago #Nohairwecare #JustDuIt. Seven Davao City councilors followed suit.

On October 27, the two other grownup Duterte children shaved their hands on the wedding anniversary of Sara and husband Mans Carpio. 

“We shaved our head to show our support to whatever decision our father will make,” Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte told Rappler. He said the children have been meeting “to discuss all issues and concerns.”

He continued: “We feel the extreme pressure and we are now discussing all possibilities, ‘though we know this means many equations: being a substitute candidate, disqualification, campaign realities, the possibility of winning and losing.”

Duterte ranked 4th in latest presidential preference surveys, even after he announced he woudn’t seek the presidency. He was the top choice in his home island of Mindanao.

On October 16, the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy, he said he would definitely not run for president, disappointing his supporters. On the same day, however, his largely unknown party mate Martin Diño, filed for president, fueling speculations that Duterte might substitute for him.

Substitutions for candidates with different surnames are allowed until December 10.

In an interview with Rappler, Duterte hinted he might agree to substituting, despite his earlier statements that he wouldn’t. 


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