Madrigal’s TV ad: JaJaJaJamby is a fighter

Liberal party candidate Jamby Madrigal stuck with familiar themes from her 2010 campaign in her first 2013 TV ad

JAMBY FOR THE POOR. Senatorial candidate Jamby Madrigal emphasized her focus on helping the poor in her latest TV ad. Screenshot from YouTube.

MANILA, Philippines – Just a week before the official start of the campaign period, Tuesday, February 5, former Sen Jamby Madrigal, who is running for re-election in May, released her first television ad.

The 30-second video has familiar touches: it uses Madrigal’s popular “Ja-ja-ja-jamby” play on her name, and shows her wearing her trademark bright green blazer, both of which she used in her 2010 presidential campaign ads.

While it does not outwardly mention her alliance with the Liberal Party (LP), a crooked road matched with the word, “Baluktot?” flashes on the screen for about 10 seconds into the ad, followed by a straight road with the word, “Itutuwid.”

The road graphics is a nod to President Benigno Aquino III’s “Daang Matuwid,” reform-focused theme.

Madrigal, who lost the presidency to Aquino two years ago, is now part of the ruling party and is one of the 12 senators in the administration’s slate.

“Well you know my philosophy jives more (with LP). I fought the C-5 controversy, the crooked road of the C-5 na yun na hopefully natuwid. That was my main advocacy. I ran for president to make sure that scandals and scams were exposed,” she told Rappler.

Madrigal, one of the staunchest critics of then presidential candidate Sen Manny Villar, was referring to her attacks on Villar and her accusations of his corruption for allegedly realigning C-5 to benefit Villar’s real estate developments. She is however running alongside Villar’s wife Cynthia, also a senatorial bet of the administration coalition.

Madrigal also stuck with the same message that has helped her win in the past, specifically in 2004 when she first won as senator: helping the poor and fearlessly fighting corruption.

The lyrics read:

Ang pagsilbi sa mahirap, isang karangalan
Kung ikaw ay corrupt, ako’y palaban

Mahal ang mahirap, galit sa corrupt
Jajajajamby Palaban

Mahal ang mahirap, galit sa corrupt
Jajajajamby Madrigal

Mahal ang mahirap, galit sa corrupt
Jajajajamby Madrigal

The video flashes photos and footage of Filipino masses, some of them being hugged by Madrigal. It also shows photos of Madrigal in rallies and arguing aggressively at the Senate. The ad ends with a photo of Madrigal — her arms towards people on the streets, from her car.

On top of the photo is her name: Ja Ja Ja Jamby.

Will you vote for Madrigal? Watch the full video below and tell us what you think on the comments section.