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[WATCH] #PHVote Dialogues: Importance of the youth vote

[WATCH] #PHVote Dialogues: Importance of the youth vote
Join us on May 19, Wednesday, at 7 pm, with Rappler investigative editor Miriam Grace A. Go, PCIJ executive director Carmela Fonbuena, and social media influencer Thysz Estrada

Why should young people register to vote in the 2022 elections? Why should those 18 and above not just register but be actively involved in campaigns? Because they have a role to play, and their vote matters.

The Commission on Elections is expecting four million first-time voters by the end of the registration period on September 30, 2021, although Senator Francis Pangilinan has said population projections by the Philippine Statistics Authority indicates that there could be 15 million newly qualified voters who can be targeted in the upcoming elections.

The pandemic has surfaced the deep-seated systemic issues in health, education, transportation, and governance, as highlighted by the youth who are bearing the brunt of government’s failures to deliver these services.

Rappler’s campaign for the 2022 elections #WeDecide: Atin ang Pilipinas calls for our collective power to tell our stories, to decide on the change we want to see in 2022, and to pull this nation back up. (READ: #WeDecide: What you can do to take the Philippines back in 2022)

To educate voters on the electoral and governance issues, Rappler will be hosting #PHVote Dialogues, monthly huddle that features personalities from the entertainment and arts industries, a subject matter expert, and Rappler’s own journalists. They will talk and ask about what’s at stake, why people should care, and how they have a say in 2022.

In May, #PHVote Dialogues will focus on the importance of the youth vote, and call for the youth to be active in the 2022 elections.

We will be joined by Rappler’s investigative editor Miriam Grace A. Go, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism executive director Carmela Fonbuena, and social media influencer Thysz Estrada.

This will be happening on Wednesday, May 19, at 7 pm, to be hosted by Rappler’s Lifestyle and Entertainment editor Bea Cupin.

For those who would like to join the huddle, you may click here or sign up below:

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