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[WATCH] On The Campaign Trail with John Nery: Leila de Lima and other electoral issues

Watch the pilot episode here

Rappler presents On The Campaign Trail, a new show hosted by veteran journalist John Nery.

Every week, On The Campaign Trail will focus on key issues, moments, and personalities in the long run-up to Election Day. But we want to be clear about the lens we will use: We know that the democratic project is in great danger, and that shapes how we see the 2022 vote. It isn’t just elections as usual.

On The Campaign Trail seeks to make sense of the 2022 elections in that context of democratic decay. We want to discern patterns in the election landscape, to understand paths to victory for certain candidacies, to discuss relevant policies, to seek useful perspectives – keenly aware that the anti-democratic clock is ticking.

In 2022, #WeDecide. Without neglecting the other basic questions, On The Campaign Trail will ask how #WeDecide, and why #WeDecide.

Joining Nery in the first episode are Dino de Leon, a lawyer representing detained senator Leila de Lima; Luie Guia, former elections commissioner; and Ona Caritos, LENTE executive director.

Watch the pilot episode here. – Rappler.com