Entering Dagupan from outside Pangasinan? Register online first

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and boost contact-tracing efforts, visitors or returning residents of Dagupan City coming from outside Pangasinan must first register online starting October 12, according to the local government.

Incoming trips must be registered through GoPangasinanPH. After the online form is filled out, a quick response (QR) code will be provided. The registrant must save the code on their phone or through a print-out, and present it at the checkpoint on Dagupan City's boundary.

Government-issued IDs and pertinent travel documents are still required alongside the code. Registrants who fail to submit all requirements cannot enter the city.

Residents already within Pangasinan who plan to enter Dagupan City only need to present an ID proving their residency in the province.

As of Tuesday, September 29, there are 128 active COVID-19 cases recorded in Dagupan City.

As of September 30, the Philippines has a total of 311,694 cases, 52,702 of which are active, with 253,488 recoveries and 5,504 deaths. – Rappler.com