Marikina COVID-19 test center to prioritize dialysis patients
Marikina COVID-19 test center to prioritize dialysis patients

Dialysis patients in Marikina City will be prioritized in the COVID-19 testing and will get the result of their tests within 24 hours, Mayor Marcelino "Marcy" Teodoro said on Friday, as the city inked an agreement with city-based dialysis center.

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The Marikina Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory promises to give out test results within 24 hours

The Marikina City coronavirus testing center will prioritize dialysis patients, specially those suffering from cancer, assuring test results within 24 hours.

Mayor Marcelino “Marcy” Teodoro gave this commitment Friday, August 7, after signing an agreement with dialysis centers based in Marikina.

This will be a big help to these patients, Teodoro said, because health protocols require them to take swab tests before undergoing their dialysis. This requirements are in place to ensure that patients are not infected with SARS-CoV-2 when they to go to dialysis centers.

“Our immuno-compromised residents need to get their results quickly because they really need dialysis treatment. That’s why we came up with this agreement with the 8 dialysis facilities in the city to unburden cancer patients,” the mayor said in a statement.

Teodoro said Marikina’s fast-track lane will also minimize the risk of immuno–compromised cancer patients of being exposed to COVID-19 in crowded testing facilities and hospitals.

Because the Marikina Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory will expedite the tests of patients, they can immediately proceed to undergo dialysis treatment.

“In just 24 hours, our laboratory will release the results of our cancer patients. After getting the result, they can immediately avail of dialysis treatment,” Teodoro assured.

Dr. Antonio Llabres, Marikina City Task Force COVID-19 Logistics head, said cancer patients, as other dialysis patients, only have to present to the Marikina City Epidemiological Surveillance Unit (CESU) referral letters from their doctors. The referral should mention that their COVID-19 swab test is a prerequisite dialysis treatment.

“It is a matter of life and death that is why the process is also very simple. They are immuno-compromised and they really need dialysis treatment as soon as possible,” Llabres said. “Without the result of the test, they cannot undergo a session of dialysis treatment.”

“As instructed by Mayor Marcy, cancer patients will be prioritized. No more lines unlike at other testing facilities. In Marikina they will get tested immediately,” said Llabres.

He said there are 9 dialysis facilities in Marikina, 3 of which are located in hospitals while 6 are stand-alone centers.

The DOH said Marikina City was still among the cities with the lowest attack rates or the proportion of exposed people that got ill, with only 911 which is equivalent to 20%

Teodoro said the significantly low attack rate to the discipline and cooperation of the people of Marikina, and the massive contact tracing in every barangay. –

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