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Rappler Talk Newsmaker: Fr. Jett Villarin on what UN climate report means for PH

Scientist and climate advocate Fr. Jett Villarin explains the findings of the major new United Nations report on climate change

The new report by scientists convened by the United Nations provides the clearest picture of what lies in store for humanity should we fail to drastically reduce carbon emissions in the next few years.

This report, released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) last August 9, shows that some effects of climate change are already unavoidable and could get worse over the next few years – like more frequent and deadly heatwaves, catastrophic flooding, and extreme droughts.

If nations fail to sharply cut emissions, we would see a world where crops fail due to extreme heat, marine ecosystems collapse due to warmer oceans, and it could be deadly just to step outside your house.

What do these findings mean for the Philippines? Rappler speaks with Manila Observatory executive director and former Ateneo de Manila University president Father Jett Villarin on what Filipinos should know about the UN report.

Villarin wrote the book Disturbing Climate, which won the Manila Critics Circle National Book Award, and contributed reports to the IPCC. Four scientists at the Manila Observatory contributed to the latest IPCC report.

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