State-sponsored hate: The rise of the pro-Duterte bloggers


MANILA, Philippines – “Leni, you are stupid. You and your whole staff are stupid. You’re all sons of bitches.”

These were the words of hardcore President Rodrigo Duterte supporter Mocha Uson during a national broadcast – directed toward no less than Vice President Leni Robredo, a leader of the opposition. Uson's hateful comments led to the cancellation of her radio show.

Another pillar of the propaganda machine, RJ Nieto, author of pro-Duterte Facebook page Thinking Pinoy, speaks in a similar vitriolic manner. In a Facebook Live Video addressing what he referred to as “the fucking Malacañang press corps” – the group of journalists accredited to cover the President – Nieto cursed at the media, and repeatedly flashed his middle finger.

“You Malacañang Press Corps, you act like you're for the Filipino people, but you're sons of bitches!” he said to the camera.