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Hindsight is 20/20: Stories that capture a year of chaos

Hindsight is 20/20: Stories that capture a year of chaos

REAR VIEW. What can we learn from one of the worst years ever?

Illustration by Emil Mercado


Yes, we know. You’d rather forget about 2020.

But as in every tough experience, 2020 provides all of us fond and painful memories to keep, lessons to treasure, and yes, a wish for things to become better. 2020 is also about 20/20 – better clarity in vision for the future after emerging from possibly one of the worst years ever.

As we navigate our way to 2021, Rappler compiles on this page the stories, articles, images, and important headlines that shook, angered, awed, and inspired us. We also look ahead and spot trends, offer predictions for 2021, forecasts, and analyses.

Bookmark and refresh this page to look to the past, and get a glimpse of the future and the fun stuff as we close 2020 and enter a new year.


7 games that kept us company during the lockdown

History won’t remember 2020 too fondly, but the year, at least, gave us a chance to play some video games.

While the medium has already been massively popular even before the pandemic, the enactment of stay-at-home orders and social-distancing protocols forced many of us to turn to gaming as an outlet to escape our grim reality and bridge social gaps. These are the year’s best.

Kyle Chua

Best gadgets of 2020: PS5, Fold2, iPhone 12 mini

2020 may have been a tough year. But surprisingly, the consumer tech industry has been able to chug along, releasing a number of devices worthy of being on your wishlist.

Here are some of them. These devices not only have novel features, they push for new levels of performance and give us a glimpse of where consumer tech may be headed in the future.

Gelo Gonzales

Saying goodbye (and then hello) to our favorite restaurants in 2020

2020 was not very kind, especially to the food and service industry. Some restaurants managed to pull through and pivot, but some well-loved Manila restaurants weren’t able to survive.

We look back on the gems we had to say goodbye to (and those who came back right away) here.

Steph Arnaldo

2020: The events that shook us

Hindsight is 20/20: Stories that capture a year of chaos

The year 2020 saw polarizing views among Filipinos. From politics to health to economy to natural disasters, the Philippines saw turbulent events that shook us – and divided us – as a nation. But if there’s one thing we can agree on, it is this: 2020 is a year that tested our spirits and almost drained what is left of our hope.

We lost some of our heroes in the frontlines – doctors, nurses, activists, and human rights champions. Despite the pandemic, we took our rage to the streets to protect our freedom and democracy, and even our jobs. And those who are brave enough to stand up to the powers that be bore the consequences of holding them to account. 

As 2020 ends, Rappler sums up the video headlines that defined the year – the hopeful and the tragic, the good and the bad – in less than 4 minutes.

Cancel culture, criticism, and everything in between: PH Twitter in 2020

Twitter has become more than a platform of fleeting sentiments. The year 2020 shows us how.

Read more in this yearend report.

Ivy Pedida

Clapbacks of the Year: 10 times personalities snapped, got called out in 2020

2020 surely tested everyone’s patience (the only mass testing to happen this year, so to speak) in various ways and in the several issues we faced. 

As the year comes to a close, let’s look back at some of the most laudable (if not, iconic) clapbacks involving personalities – public officials and celebrities alike – that perfectly captured 2020 in all its chaotic glory.

Read the full story here.

Sofia Virtudes

Fact-checking: A year of infodemic

As we debunked one false claim about the pandemic after the other, the effect of the infodemic that we’ve experienced became clear: it was ultimately the creation of fear, confusion, and distrust in authorities.

Read more in this yearend report.

Pauline Macaraeg

Stories of people that defined 2020

Rappler reporters and researchers talk to 7 people whose stories of loss and survival embody the upside-down year of 2020.

They are: a mayor at the front lines of the pandemic, a struggling business owner, mother of a killed quarantine violator, a lawmaker fighting disinformation, a red-tagged celebrity, a social worker saving lives, and a woman seeking justice for her dead grandchild.

Read their stories here.

Elite Filipino athletes carry PH flag on world stage

While athletic events in the Philippines came to a screeching halt because of the coronavirus pandemic, there were still Filipino athletes who soldiered on and carried the country’s flag in the international arena.

Here are the valiant male athletes who carried the torch for flag and country.

Read more.

Ariel Ian Clarito

How the pandemic changed the #StoryOfTheNation in 2020

There will always be stories to tell and experiences to share especially in 2020, when Filipinos faced unprecedented events that stirred mixed emotions of anger, fear, hope, and inspiration.

With the help of our movers and partners in different sectors, we continue to tell the #StoryOfTheNation that gave Filipinos a louder voice this year.

Here are some stories of the nation throughout this year’s roller coaster ride.

Read more here.

Jene-Anne Pangue