Philippines in the Olympics

Here's some interesting information about the Philippines' participation in the Olympics.

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MANILA, Philippines – On Monday, October 21, we remember that time 49 years ago when a Filipino athlete took home the country’s first silver medal from the Olympics — thus far our highest achievement  in the much-anticipated games.

On Oct 21, 1964, boxer Anthony Villanueva took home from the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan his, and our first, silver medal.

We won another silver medal in 1996 via boxer Onyok Velasco, the last athlete to win an Olympic medal for the country.

Luck hasn’t been on the side of our national team, as we have so far managed to bring home only 9 medals from our decades-long participation in the Olympics.

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As we all wait for the next Olympic games, and for another medal, here’s some interesting information about the Philippines’ participation in the Olympics.

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