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WATCH: #FactsFirstPH, a year in review
WATCH: #FactsFirstPH, a year in review
Watch and listen to the stories of the people behind #FactsFirstPH

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine national elections made the fight against disinformation more critical in 2022. In a first-of-a-kind initiative called #FactsFirstPH, nearly 150 groups came together to stem the tide of false information and promote truth in public spaces.

With its four layers – fact-checking, amplification or mesh, research, and deterrence – working together, the coalition produced hundreds of fact checks that were amplified in creative ways, among member organizations that included traditionally competitive newsrooms. 

The coalition was recognized in an international fact-checking conference as the most innovative and impactful collaboration. 

In the Philippines, truth tellers in the media, academe, civil society, and legal groups, among other sectors, face a myriad of challenges. In this series, members from the four layers of #FactsFirstPH talked about what they experienced in 2022, what they achieved under the coalition, and what they hope to do moving forward. –

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