2022 Philippine Elections

HIGHLIGHTS: Manny Pacquiao-Lito Atienza proclamation rally

HIGHLIGHTS: Manny Pacquiao-Lito Atienza proclamation rally


Senator Manny Pacquiao will kick off his presidential campaign where it all started – in General Santos City, the southernmost city of the country.

Pacquiao and running mate Deputy Speaker Lito Atienza are running under PROMDI, a Cebu-based political party meant to consolidate their votes in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Pacquiao and Atienza will first hold a caravan around General Santos City at 1 pm on Tuesday, February 8, starting at Barangay Bawing all the way to the Oval Plaza Grand Stand for the proclamation rally.

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Pacquiao’s mother Dionisia speaks at son’s proclamation rally

HIGHLIGHTS: Manny Pacquiao-Lito Atienza proclamation rally

FULL SPEECH: Manny Pacquiao at campaign kick-off

HIGHLIGHTS: Manny Pacquiao-Lito Atienza proclamation rally

Why Pacquiao chose GenSan as starting point for campaign

Ralf Rivas

Presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao chose General Santos City as the starting point for his campaign, despite losing to a local politician there in a congressional race way back in 2007, his first political foray.

Pacquiao lost the seat for the 1st District of South Cotabato to Darlene Antonino-Custodio, a local politician of General Santos City.

In his speech Tuesday, February 8, Pacquiao said that General Santos City was where his dream started.

Dito nagsimula ang pangarap ni Manny Pacquiao, noong bata pa siya, na matulungan at makaahon sa kahirapan, matulungan ang kamag-anak at lahat para umasenso sa buhay,” Pacquiao said.

(It was here [GenSan] where Manny Pacquiao started dreaming, when he was a young boy. Dreaming that he could help and rise out of poverty… to help my family and everyone improve their life.”)

Pacquiao’s run worries Dionisia: ‘Baka maubos ang kwarta!’

Ralf Rivas

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s mother, Dionisia Pacquiao, expressed her hesitation for her son’s bid for the presidency, noting that it would cost a lot of money.

Noong tumatakbo pa siya for the first time dito sa General Santos, umiyak ako kasi ilang sako na ng pera ang nakita kong nawala,” Dionisia said in jest in Visayan.

(When he ran for the first time here in General Santos, I cried because I saw we were losing money by the sacks.)

Sabi pa ng mga amiga ko, ‘Mommy, ang anak mo bigay ng bigay ng pera, baka maubos ang kwarta!’

(My female friends told me: “Mommy, ytour son is giving away money, you might run out of cash.)

A visibly embarrassed Pacquiao listened to Dionisia’s testimony.

Tapos ito presidente na, sabi ko ‘Manny, iba na talaga to kasi buong bansa na, mas malaki pa sa bariles [tuna] ng GenSan!

(And now, he’s running for president, I told him: “Manny, this is different because this is for the whole country, this is even bigger than the tuna of GenSan!)

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Atienza is for ‘BBM’: Buong bansa Manny

Ralf Rivas

Vice presidential candidate Lito Atienza has added a new meaning into the abbreviation ‘BBM,’ which is associated with presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Atienza urged supporters of Marcos to jump ship, emphasizing the atrocities during the late deposed dictator’s regime.

Naghalal tayo noon ng pinakamatalinong abugado noon. Anong ginawa ‘nya? Nilaspag ‘nya ang kaban ng bayan,” Atienza said, referring to late president Ferdinand Marcos.

(We once elected the smartest lawyer. What did he do? He raped the country’s coffers)

Kaya kayong mga BBM, sumapi na kayo sa kilusan namin, meron din kaming kilusan, buong bansa Manny,” Atienza said.

(For the BBM supporters, join our movement to elect Manny Pacquiao)

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HIGHLIGHTS: Manny Pacquiao-Lito Atienza proclamation rally

Manny Pacquiao now speaking onstage


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