Guirado: I wasn’t in briefs

Natashya Gutierrez
Azkal player Angel Guirado denies he was in briefs, contradicts sexual harassment complaint against him

MANILA, Philippines – Angel Guirado has spoken.

Nearly a week after former Philippine Olympic Committee President Cristy Ramos filed a sexual harassment complaint against two Azkals players, Guirado, one of the players named, turned to Twitter to respond to the allegations.

Ramos said Guirado stood smiling before her only wearing his underwear while he was being checked by Ramos, who played the role of a FIFA match commissioner in the Azkals’ game against Malaysia Wednesday, February 29. The behavior elicited laughter from his teammates.

Guirado tweeted in Spanish denying that he was wearing underwear, saying he had actually been wearing shorts:

In English: “Thank you all. It’s crazy what some people can do to be in the spotlight. Let me say first that I was wearing shorts, and even if I were in my underpants I was in a locker room, getting ready to play. She should have asked permission to enter, but if you enter uninvited then you must face the consequences. But hey, don’t say it’s “sexual harassment.” Those are very loaded words, and the press should ask me first before publishing anything. I think [what has happened] is not fair and they’ve just been toying with a real person’s life. I hope they rectify those comments. Cheers.

Sports analyst Quinito Henson also tweeted that according to Rafael Garcia, Guirado’s manager who was also in the locker room, Guirado was indeed wearing shorts.

Lexton Moy, another player included in the complaint for allegedly commenting on Ramos’ bra size had also made a statement through Twitter. Team manager Dan Palami has also apologized.

Guirado and the Azkals are currently in Nepal for the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup. –

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