Fighting! Sports anime series to watch during lockdown

Delfin Dioquino
Fighting! Sports anime series to watch during lockdown
Lessons from these sports anime series may just help in these trying times

MANILA, Philippines – Although sports portrayed in anime series may be exaggerated and occasionally unrealistic, they still showcase what sports is all about: camaraderie, self-belief, and tenacity. 

Lessons that could be picked up from these anime series are crucial in these trying times as people work together to battle the coronavirus crisis that has caused unprecedented chaos all over the world. 

Here are some sports anime series to watch: 

1. Kuroko No Basuke

Tetsuya Kuroko is the sixth man of the Generation of Miracles, a group of basketball prodigies who possess extraordinary skills that make them nearly unbeatable against ordinary players. 

But unlike other members, Kuroko is small, unathletic, and heavily relies on his teammates to thrive on the hardcourt, with his game being limited to misdirection and no-look passes. 

With players of the Generation of Miracles going their separate ways to play for different high schools, Kuroko connects with the talented but raw Taiga Kagami as they try to become the best team in Japan. 

2. Eyeshield 21

Kobayakawa Sena may not be built like the typical American football player because of his lithe frame and timid personality, but he emerges as the ace running back of the Deimon Devil Bats. 

Developing lighting fast speed after constantly running away from bullies during his childhood, Sena gets recruited by the Devil Bats and he takes on the role of Eyeshield 21 as they seek to reach the Christmas Bowl.  

Like Kuroko No BasukeEyeshield 21 highlights the importance of teamwork, building relationships, and facing fears throughout the series. 

3. Hajime No Ippo

Makunouchi Ippo learns about the sweet science after being saved by a boxer from a group of bullies and he decides to pursue a professional career in the sport.

Although meek and unassuming, Ippo shows great potential in boxing as he develops his own style and masters his own moves – most notably the Dempsey Roll – to become a champion. 

The anime does not solely revolve on Ippo as it also features several interesting characters who have compelling backgrounds. 

4. Prince of Tennis

A son of a former professional tennis star, Ryoma Echizen proves to be a natural in the sport as he dominated tournaments in the USA.

Ryoma returns to his native country Japan to join a high school team, and there, he teams up and goes up against other skilled players as he sets out to become the player his father envisioned him to be. 

5. Haikyuu

Inspired by a small but dominant volleyball player, the diminutive Shoyo Hinata grows fond of the sport and aims to become just like his idol.

Hinata joins Karasuno High where he becomes teammates with rival Tobio Kageyama and they must set aside their differences and competition to help the team. –

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Delfin Dioquino

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