WATCH: No pool, no problem for swimmers under quarantine

Beatrice Go
WATCH: No pool, no problem for swimmers under quarantine
Rappler Hustle gives you a glimpse of how elite swimmers don't need the water to keep their fitness level up

MANILA, Philippines – If you think swimmers only thrive in the water, think again. 

In the fifth episode of Rappler Hustle’s Train Like A… series, we give you a glimpse of how elite swimmers, like Southeast Asian (SEA) Games medalist Roxanne Yu, keep their fitness level up even out of the pool and under quarantine. 

Rappler’s Beatrice Go joins Yu’s workout – which is a combination of the exercises the national swimmer did while she was training in her alma mater, the University of Miami, and while in a training camp in China before the 2019 SEA Games. 

And apparently, this is only Yu’s pre-workout to the actual swim training. Check out her routine: 

A. Stretching and Activation

1. Sitting on feet 
2. Pigeon stretch 
3. Kneeling quad stretch
4. Glute activation (10 per side)

    • Up and downs
    • Swinging
    • Circles

5. Ankle activation 3 x 10 reps

B. Dynamic Warmup

1. Tin Man walk
2. Figure 4
3. Sweep
4. Knee hugs
5. Side shuffle
6. High knees
7. Butt kicks
8. High skips
9. Jog

C. Cardio –  3 rounds of 60 seconds work 10 rest

Jump rope

  • Regular
  • In and out
  • Up and Down 
  • Single leg (R)
  • Single Leg (L)
  • High knees


D. Circuit 

1. Cords station – 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest (2 rounds)

    • single arm
    • double arm
    • high elbow
    • fly forward
    • fly backward

2. Stability Ball Station (2 rounds)

    • 12 pike ups
    • 30 seconds flutter kicks
    • 10 knee tuck-ins
    • 45 second Plank

3. Core-focused (2 rounds) 

    • 20 Hip dips
    • 45 seconds banana (streamline)
    • 30 seconds glute bridge
    • 30 seconds glute bridge (R leg up)
    • 30 seconds glute bridge (L leg up)


4. Explosive (2 rounds)

    • 10 lunge jumps
    • Minute and a half wall sit
    • 5 explosive streamline jump squats
    • 45 seconds flutter kick on back

5. Cords (2 rounds) 

    • Tricep extension
    • Single high elbow (switch to your other arm on 2nd round)
    • Chest press

E. Shoulder stability exercises

1. Sleeper stretch

2. Straight arm circles

3. With resistance band:

    • Face pulls
    • Lat pulls
    • Band pull-apart
    • Tricep pulldown


Beatrice Go

More commonly known as Bee, Beatrice Go is a multimedia sports reporter for Rappler, who covers Philippine sports governance, national teams, football, and the UAAP. Stay tuned for her news and features on Philippine sports and videos like the Rappler Athlete’s Corner and Rappler Sports Timeout.