PBA player Pennisi’s flop now a viral hit

A funny video showing a PBA player's delayed reaction after being hit by a ball is going viral online.

MANILA, Philippines – A funny video showing a Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player’s delayed reaction after being hit by a ball is currently going viral online.

The viral video shows Mick Pennisi, a player for the Red Bull Barakos, and his “delayed reaction” after Will McDonald of Petron Blaze threw a ball at his head.

At first, it seemed Pennisi was in shock and did not move. But a few seconds later, it appeared that the Filipino-Australian player thought of falling on the floor to show the world he got hurt.

“Greatest. Flop. Ever,” wrote local sports site InterAktv, the website of AKTV, which broadcasts the PBA games.

Even major international sports websites and blogs have picked up the hilarious scene.

“It’s so bad that it’s awesome,” said LarryBrownSports.com.

“…[The] delayed reaction is priceless and Pennisi’s sheer audacity sends the hilarity to the moon,” wrote CBSSports.com.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Sports said the Barako Bull player could challenge Chicago Bulls’ Omar Asik for “basketball’s best/worst flopper.”

To watch the hilarious incident, click play on the YouTube video below.