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Sweat together, stay together: Benefits of couple workouts

Beatrice Go
Sweat together, stay together: Benefits of couple workouts

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Here are the top 3 benefits of working out together as a couple

Fitness has always been seen as a personal journey, but it is also one that can be shared with your significant other.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, breaking a sweat or taking a fun class together may be a good way to spend the special day as a couple in the pandemic.

In a survey conducted by REBEL, a fitness app created by Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, only 10% of Filipinos work out with a partner.

But diving deeper into that small percentage fitness enthusiasts, there can be both emotional and psychological benefits of working out together to strengthen both your bodies and your relationship.

Here are 3 benefits of working out together as a couple:

It provides you a support system or a form of accountability

Ever wished you had a cheerleader in the last set?

Having your significant other by your side to shout out words of encouragement can uplift you in pushing through tough times (even in the gym).

Other than a boost of energy, it can also be a form of motivation to have an accountability buddy. (READ: Love, sweat love: Fun sports for couples)

On those days you feel sore and lethargic, you hope that someone would know what you’re feeling, but if you’re working out together, you’ll be able to power through off-days together.

Another benefit of accountability is that people are more likely to stay on track of their fitness goals and not give into laziness when they are sharing the journey with another person.

It strengthens your emotional bond

Do you sometimes feel that you and your significant other can’t read each other’s body language?

But studies show that moving together – including lifting weights, running at the same pace and coordinating your exercises – creates more synergy between the couple through “non-verbal matching.”

As a couple, you’ll be able to understand each other more because mimicking each other can help people be more emotionally attuned with one another.

Working out then becomes an effective form of bonding, while keeping yourselves healthy and happy.

You progress as a couple

From pushing each other to doing online Zoom workouts together and exploring workout programs together, you’ll soon be seeing your bodies change for the better.

Although you have different fitness goals, your significant other will be there to celebrate small wins with you.

This healthy habit can also spillover through other aspects of your relationship and milestones you both want to achieve together.

For this Valentine’s Day, REBEL has released these couple workouts that can give you a glimpse to these benefits:

  1. Join Spartan Race ambassadors and power couple Mike Jiang and Lexi Noval in their very own couple’s workout, which combines their two passions: fighting and dancing.
  2. Join fitness instructors Jo Villablanca and Carla Piscoso in their buddy partner HIIT workout. Grab a friend and get started!


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