Philippines brings home the gold medal for ‘Dota 2’

Nadine Pacis
Philippines brings home the gold medal for ‘Dota 2’
The Philippines comes from behind in epic game 5 finish

MANILA, Philippines – There’s a lot of hype built towards the gold medal Dota 2 match between Philippines and Thailand. After all, Dota 2 is one of the biggest and most established competitive games, and the Philippines and Thailand teams are stacked. After dominating their earlier matches, it’s hard to tell who’s the favorite. 

The Philippines is mostly comprised of Team Adroit, an all-Cebuano team that has seen moderate success in the local and Asian scene. They ended up in the upper bracket, and top seed of their group. Meanwhile, Thailand, a team comprised of Fnatic (FNC) players who have seen international success ended up in the lower bracket. 

Wherever they’ve ended up though, both teams would not let up as they fought hard for 5 games. 

Team Philippines looked strong at first. First they won a close game from behind with so much confidence. Their focus on objectives over kills paved the way for a victory. It was a sigh of relief for the Filipinos who have feared team Thailand’s FNC players. 

However, Thailand learned fast, and built a team composition made for teamfights, banning Marvin Rushton’s Elder Titan in the remaining games. In the second game, properly timed and positioned chronospheres from Thailand’s Faceless Void kept catching team Philippines off guard wiping them out several times. 

The third game was an intense back and forth with neither team pulling ahead until after the 30 minute mark. Thailand looked like they were ripe victory. They relied on their Tidehunter to capitalize on their teamfights. But the Philippines held on, fought and came back. They had their Outworld Devourer for damage, and their Drow Ranger for pushing down Radiant towers after a series of successful teamfights. 

When the Philippines tried to close it out in game 4, Thailand fought back fiercely. With an Anti Mage from Thailand, the Philippines needed to finish the game early and decisively. Thailand did not let that happen though sneaking and catching their opponents off guard. A shaky early and mid game for the Philippines meant they had a slim chance for victory and Thailand ended it with a crushing win. 

Finally, much like how the series for Mobile Legends turned out, the Philippines end up with a game 5 win. Thailand fought with a strong early game as usual, teaming up in lanes to gain as big as an advantage as they could, and catching team Philippines off guard. The team looked dead in the water, with Thailand getting a massive, insurmountable-looking kill lead. But the Philippines not wanting to go calmly in the night, clawed their way back, and suddenly team clashes in the late game, were turning in their favor. The crowd awoke, and the Philippines kept winning in clashes. The end result: an epic comeback finish, and a gold. 

The Philippines now has two gold medals in the esports category: Mobile Legends and Dota 2. –

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