RGL: League of Legends Tournament Round 4 recap


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RGL: League of Legends Tournament Round 4 recap
CSB Blaze It clashes with DLSU Viridis Arcus in Round 4 of the Rappler Gaming League's LoL intercollegiate tournament

Game 1 

It’s a pick-and-push composition for DLSU Viridis Arcus with an unorthodox Mordekaiser pick for the bot lane instead of the usual ADC. Banning out poke-and-bursts Anivia, Thresh, and Azir, they make sure that their non-traditional ADC comp would be able to safely engage.

CSB Blaze it decides on a more skirmish-oriented team composition with small engagements using Olaf, Elise, and Ahri to whittle the enemy down before going all-in. Banning out bursty mages ensures their Kog’maw’s survival.

Blaze It takes an early lead with BlazeIt.Diamondnivia-Ahri and BlazeIt.SOBRANG KULIT-Olaf working together to take down Viridis Arcus.Tristram-Fizz for the first blood. Well-timed roams and rotations pulls them significantly ahead with a score of 8-4 at 13 minutes.

Viridis Arcus tower dives the bottom lane and gets themselves back into the game. DLSU exercises superior objective and vision control and takes game one.
 “DOGPILE!” All members of DLSU Viridis Arcus collapse on members of CSB Blaze It in a tower dive at bottom lane
Game 2
It’s back to a traditional ADC with DLSU Viridis Arcus and aims for a wombo-combo composition that combines the ultimates of Kalista, Rumble, Azir, and Alistar. Once again, they ban out burst Champions that could reach their backline.
CSB Blaze It turns to a semi-wombo-combo composition with Shen’s and Orianna’s ultimates, with added poke and sustain with Tristana and Soraka respectively. Fearing that Skarner and Mordekaiser would spiral out of control again, these bans are justified.
Once again, CSB pulls an early lead with BlazeIt.Reon-Tristana earning herself two kills at bottom lane. The team uses this momentum to keep DLSU Viridis Arcus pinned down, with the Yordle Gunner pushing turrets efficiently and picking off key members of the opposing team.

All seems lost as Blaze It’s ADC piles on insane amounts of damage. The dragon control that DLSU managed to secure early game pushes them forward as they continue to boast their superior vision control once again.

CSB meets its end when DLSU secures both their fifth Dragon buff and the Baron buff. Soon after, DLSU pushes into CSB’s base and wins themselves the series.

 “Down but not out!” DLSU Viridis Arcus proves that they can make a comeback with a clash won at the Baron pit 

Want to see more epic plays? Highlights of the series can be viewed here.
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