[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Faceless sweeps PH team Clutch Gamers

Louis Daniel Andres
[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Faceless sweeps PH team Clutch Gamers
Iceiceice and company prove they're still on top of the Southeast Asian heap, eliminating the sole Filipino squad in the tourney, 2-0

MANILA, Philippines – Experience and execution triumphed in the second match of day 1 for the Manila Masters as the veteran squad of Team Faceless swept the young Filipino squad Clutch Gamers.  

Utilizing the Io pick for Anchura “Jabz” Jirawong for both games effectively, Faceless ensured the sustainability of their lineups even as the action hit a fever pitch in game 1. The rotations of Wong “Nutz” Jeng Yih’s Spirit Breaker almost always resulted in a full blown fight. Meanwhile, Clutch ran their counter offensive with crowd control and disables such as Khim “Gabbi” Villafuerte’s Timerbsaw, the Slardar on Armel Paulo “Armel” Tabios and Kenneth “flysolo” Coloma’s Witch Doctor.

However, even though it felt like Clutch was responding properly to the Faceless offensive – even opening their own engagements – they still overlooked a few things. One of these was leaving carry player Dominik “Black^” Reitmeir’s Outworld Devourer unchecked, which resulted in some very heavy repercussions. For Faceless, the hammer that was Sanity’s “Eclipse” together with the “Epicenter” ability of Daryl “iceiceice” Koh Pei Xiang’s Sand King melted down multiple opponents on multiple occassions. The Filipino squad had no choice but to call GG for game 1.

The fans were hopeful for a comeback from the lone Filipino representatives in the Manila Masters, but Faceless’ Spirit Breaker for Nutz and the Io for Jabz once again doomed Clutch’s run. Clutch opted to protect their lineup and their towers with the Treant Protector pick for flysolo while relying on Armel’s Troll Warlord and Gabbi’s Ember Spirit to do the damage. 

Faceless’ great utilization of the Io prevailed once again as Clutch struggled to find good team-fights. As the game progressed, Faceless’ Black^ was once again left uncheked. There was a great fight during the mid-game phase between Black^ and Rafael “Rappy” Sicat Paolo’s Dark Seer who opened up with a great “Vacuum to Wall of Replica” combo. However, the sustain from Faceless plus a lucky “Double Damage” rune pickup enabled them to not only extend the engagement; they also completely turned it around to their favor. They were able to secure the Aegis right after.

Another fight broke out in the Dire Jungle, initiated by Clutch again, catching “xy-” Wai Hong off guard. But Faceless responded with decisiveness again, and in a wipe-out, completely pushed Clutch in the corner, unable to respond. The high-ground offense came furiously from the Singapore-based squad right after, forcing the tapout from Clutch, thus eliminating the team, 2-0, out of the Manila Masters. – Rappler.com

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