[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Invictus eliminated as EternalEnvy dominates

Louis Daniel Andres

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[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Invictus eliminated as EternalEnvy dominates
Invictus Gaming becomes the first Chinese team to be eliminated from the Manila Masters after a 2-0 thrashing by Team NP.

MANILA, Philippines – Team NP displayed zero chill against Chinese powerhouse Invictus Gaming (IG) in the loser’s bracket, sweeping one of China’s representatives. Here’s a recap of the 2 games. 

Game 1:

Utilizing the playmaking abilities of their midlaner Adrian “FATA-” Trinks who played as Ember Spirit in Game 1, Team NP was able to recover and bounce back during the mid-game phase. Initially, Invictus Gaming’s supports – Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao on Slardar and Fu “Q” Bin on Disruptor – were able to help net the first 7 kills thanks to their rotations.

However, IG’s midlaner, Ou “Op” Peng who was playing as Storm Spirit, committed a crucial mistake,overextending a chase that resulted in him and Xu “BurNing” Zhilei’s Lifestealer being taken down.

The early-game magic damage from FATA-’s Ember Spirit, Johan “pieliedie” Astrom’s Batrider, and Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling’s Treant Protector ensured control through the Treant Protector Overgrowth. Although another teamfight inside IG’s Jungle managed to keep the team afloat for Game 1, another overextension by Op resulted in 4 of IG’s heroes being taken out in the ensuing mid-lane battle. This was then followed by another engagement – only this time, NP’s FATA- dealt heavy damage and exercised control through Fire Remnants and Fatal Bonds. IG had no choice then but to tap out of Game 1.

Game 2:

Game 2 featured a somewhat greedy lineup from NP with EternalEnvy playing the Medusa, Aui_2000 with a support Brewmaster, and FATA- going back with Ember Spirit. IG, on the other hand, tried to go aggressive with a teamfight-heavy lineup featuring Dark Seer on Lin “Xxs” Jing, BoBoKa once again on the Slardar, and BurNing on Sven. 


NP’s play for game 2 involved EternalEnvy tanking and dealing as much damage as possible, thanks to Medusa’s Mana Shield and Split Shot while also using the ultimate ability, Stone Gaze. Stone Gaze broke off IG’s engagement, which involved 3 melee heroes trying to sequence their abilities: Dark Seer’s Vacuum, Slardar’s Slitheeren Crush, and Sven’s Storm Bolt.

Securing the Aegis of the Immortal twice, NP started the siege on IG’s high ground, with EternalEnvy on the frontlines. However, IG managed to hold on and even catch up a little on the farm as NP’s aggression was toned down during the latter part of the mid-game phase.

Eventually, EternalEnvy’s tanking prowess and the Force Staff saves helped him dodge IG’s engagement multiple times – even with the damage amplification abilities coming from BurNing’s God Strength and Op’s Queen of Pain with the Bloodthorne.

The siege that followed resulted in IG’s tier 3 towers and lane barracks falling one by one. IG conceded game 2 shortly, and with it, their right to continue at the Manila Masters. – Rappler.com

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