[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Faceless keeps SEA dream alive, eliminates OG 2-1

Louis Daniel Andres

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[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Faceless keeps SEA dream alive, eliminates OG 2-1
Faceless solidifies their SEA dominance, defeating OG 2-1 in the lower bracket quarterfinals of the Manila Masters.

MANILA, Philippines – Faceless solidified their standing in the Southeast Asia scene, defeating OG 2-1 in the lower bracket quarterfinals of the Manila Masters. 

Here’s how the heavily contested best-of-3 series turned out for SEA gatekeepers, Faceless and 4-time Major champions, OG.

Game 1:

Game 1 started with a quick back-and-forth with some early rotations from the cores such as Dominik “Black^” Reitmeir’s Shadow Fiend – although he would somehow find himself getting caught by OG during his early top lane visit.

Daryl “iceiceice” Koh Pei Xiang’s Clockwerk and Toh “Xy-” Wai Hong’s Troll Warlord led the charge for Faceless, taking out OG’s offlaner, Gustav “s4” Magnusson, who was playing the Earthshaker at top with a tower right after.

As much as Faceless wanted to make something happen for their team with their rotations, OG ended up getting the upper hand almost every time. Jesse “JerAx” Vannika’s Pudge Hooks’ caught iceiceice during his initiation attempts. A smoke gank attempt came from Faceless as they desparately wanted to narrow the advantage gap. But OG’s Anathan “Ana” Pham snatched a triple-kill for his Invoker, pushing Faceless more into the corner.

OG with the continous siege eventually forced the tap-out from the Asian team for a 1-0 score.

Game 2:

The second game of the series was, in many ways, in favor of Faceless as their draft bought in Black^’s signature hero, the Anti-Mage.

Beefing up the damage output for Faceless was the Weaver pick for Xy- while iceiceice opted for map control with the Night Stalker. OG, on the other hand, went for a bit of a trivial pick with a sudden Lycan for Johan “n0tail” Sundstein. The rest of the picks were centered around the teamfight: s4 on the Dark Seer, JerAx’ Sand King, and Tal “Fly” Aizik on the Warlock support.

Looking to secure the farm on Black^, both Jabz on Clockwerk, and Nutz’s Crystal Maiden rotated towards OG’s supports, securing high value targets. Even though OG attempted to make things go their way especially during the mid-game phase, Black^ was left untouched. He secured the early Battlefury to further speed up his farm and to take out towers.

As Faceless began to feel confident with their enormous lead, they headed towards the high ground push with Black^ on the front line and Jabz initiating the skirmish with his Hook shot. OG tried to put up a defense but Black^ was just too much to handle.

The SEA representatives, Faceless forced the “GG” call from OG, and tied the series, 1-1. 

Game 3: 

The last game of the series lived up to be the most contested do-or-die of the day insofar as Faceless brought the big guns. The draft went as such: Bristleback on iceiceice and Naga Siren on Black^ while OG looked for a teamfight composition of their own through Ana’s Mirana, n0tail’s Faceless Void and the Elder Titan on JerAx.

Faceless put on a rather defensive stance in the early game, defending Black^ at the mid-lane and Xy– who was playing Weaver at bot. On the other hand, OG almost always tried to engage whenever possible particularly n0tail, JerAx, and Fly. The 3 tried to minimize the farm and the impact of the Bristleback.

A big teamfight exploded at the top lane as OG engaged iceiceice. However, Nutz’s Crystal Maiden was able to slow things down with her Freezing Field. Jabz’s Sand King followed up, only to net Ana the triple-kill with the Star Fall damage.

A fight at the Roshan pit took place during minute 20, in which Faceless found their first big advantage spike after securing the Aegis. They took 2 of OG’s heroes in the process. As the game progressed, the fights also started to become more extended; the match became a battle of attrition with OG somehow always finding themselves spending everything they’ve got just to take out iceiceice’s Bristleback.

OG found themselves a silver lining by engaging on the backline heroes first with n0tail’s Faceless Void running behind Faceless to catch the softer cores. But Faceless’ iceiceice continued to be a problem, and OG ran low after each engagement attempt.

One last fight was forced out of OG after their top lanes fell. But iceiceice and Black^ was just too much and the 4-time Majors champion gets eliminated from the Manila Masters. – Rappler.com

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