[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Team NP’s thrashing of Faceless

Louis Daniel Andres

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[MANILA MASTERS] Recap: Team NP’s thrashing of Faceless
Southeast Asia’s last hope is out of the Manila Masters, falling to Team NP, 2-1

MANILA, Philippines – The final match of Manila Masters’ day 2 featured another battle between the east and the west: Southeast Asia’s Faceless and North America’s Team NP. The Western team crushed Faceless in a lopsided game 3, and proceeds to do battle against fellow North American squad, Evil Geniuses on Sunday, May 28, the final day of the tourney.

Below we have a recap of the best-of-3 match.

Game 1:

Watch live video from TheMastersGG on www.twitch.tv

Game 1 opened with Team Faceless putting Invoker on Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier and the Bristleback on Toh “xy-” Wai Hong while NP drafted the Lina for Adrian “FATA-” Trinks on mid, and Luna for Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao.

An early big fight erupted at mid as NP secured an early Tier 1 tower. However, Arif “MSS” Anwar’s Batrider, together with EternalEnvy and FATA- got killed in the process. The first game was a spectacle of back-and-forth exchanges, with Faceless constantly coming out on top. The clashes almost always resulted in NP’s heroes getting taken out, thanks in part to Anchura “Jabz” Jirawong’s Pudge constantly threatening the NP lineup.

Securing the Aegis objective, Faceless started to sustain their uphill siege, forcing one last game 1 fight which left 4 NP heroes dead. The Western team eventually threw in the towel, and entered game 2 with a 0-1 deficit.

Game 2:

Watch live video from TheMastersGG on www.twitch.tv

The second game featured a more confident NP as they quickly secured the Bristleback pick for EternalEnvyMSS got the Legion Commander, and FATA- picked the Phantom Lancer. Faceless, on the other hand, drafted the Pudge again for Jabz and brought out the Outworld Devourer for Black^ and the Batrider for iceiceice.

Although Faceless showed early aggression, NP secured early double kills on both MSS and EternalEnvy, perhaps laying down the groundwork for NP’s victory later in the game.

Faceless managed to hold on up until the mid-game. But NP’s farm led to EternalEnvy’s tanky approach, which made things hard for Faceless in team-fights. NP built up a net worth advantage of nearly 40,000, and got to close game 2 with a win, forcing a game 3. 

Game 3:

Watch live video from TheMastersGG on www.twitch.tv

With momentum on their side, NP looked to close the deal. They drafted a familiar cast again: EternalEnvy on Bristleback and FATA- on Ember Spirit. Faceless also went for their tanky lineup with iceiceice on Timbersaw, and Black^ handling the Dragon Knight.

This time, it was NP’s Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling who put on a show with his masterful control of the Enchantress and its Satyr Tormenters that netted him a double kill at the bottom lane. Securing a quick Tier 1 at the bottom lane, NP started their map pressure with MSS’s Night Stalker, which opened more space to operate for EternalEnvy and FATA- who kept Faceless at bay.

The score reached a double-digit gap and Faceless found themselves on the ropes pretty much for the whole duration of match 3. A final fight erupted as they tried to engage EternalEnvy, but that resulted in 4 dead Faceless heroes. With zero buybacks, the SEA team threw in the towel, giving NP the 2-1 win.

The winner of the Team NP-Evil Geniuses losers bracket finals will face Newbee in the grand finals, to be held on the same day. – Rappler.com

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