PH mobile internet speed ranks 100th in first Speedtest rankings
PH mobile internet speed ranks 100th in first Speedtest rankings
The country is also 94th out of 133 for fixed broadband, according to the monthly Speedtest Global Index

MANILA, Philippines – Speedtest, long a go-to internet speed testing service, now has a monthly ranking of internet speeds across the globe, officially called the “Speedtest Global Index.” 

The index has two categories, mobile internet and fixed broadband. For mobile, the Philippines ranks 100th out of 122 and for fixed, 94th out of 133. 

The country, according to the rankings, has average download speeds of 10.29 Mbps and upload speeds of 5.29 Mbps for mobile; and 12.43 Mbps download speeds and 10.37 Mbps upload speeds for fixed broadband. According to the index, the country’s mobile rank stayed the same from June 2017, but moved one spot up in the fixed broadband rankings. 

One other company that tracks global internet speeds is Akamai, which publishes the quarterly “State of the Internet” report. The latest edition, Q1 2017, listed the Philippines’ average internet speed at 5.5 Mbps for fixed (64th fastest out of 74 ranked countries) and 8.7 Mbps for mobile (45th out of 74).

Akamai and Speedtest owner Ookla have different methodologies, hence the difference in actual speed figures. But the rankings show a common story: compared to the rest of the world, Philippine internet speed is still below the global average. 

The Speedtest index

The rankings are based on the consumer-initiated tests that Speedtest, in a blog post, says are in the “billions” worldwide. For a country to qualify in the rankings, they must have at least 670 unique user results for mobile and 3,333 for fixed broadband. 

The rankings show the average download speed, the country’s current rank, and the number of spots that a country gained or lost from the previous month. Users can also click on the country to view the average upload speed for that month. 

Topping the July charts are Norway for mobile (52.59 Mbps download; 14.82 Mbps upload) and Singapore for fixed broadband (154.38 download; 151.64 upload). Slowest are Iraq for mobile (3.03 Mbps download; 1.46 upload) and Venezuela for fixed broadband (3.2 Mbps download; 0.93 Mbps upload). 

With the Speedtest rankings, interested parties will be able to check on a country’s internet speeds on a monthly basis, and more frequently than Akamai’s quarterly reports.  –

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