Microsoft launches Chrome extension warning users of shady websites
Microsoft launches Chrome extension warning users of shady websites
The Chrome extension tells you if you're about to enter a malicious site, based off a constantly updated list of potentially harmful websites

MANILA, Philippines – Microsoft this week launched a new extension for Google Chrome users called Windows Defender Browser Protection, and the extension aims to add an extra layer of protection for Chrome users against shady phishing operations or accidental mistypes on the browser address bar.

The actual extension itself is pretty easy to use. If your machine is compatible with the extension, installing it will allow let the extension check the sites you visit against a list of shady sites, such as phishing websites. 

If the site you’re visiting is shady, the extension will warn you immediately and give you a way to get back to where you were before checking out the bad site.

The list, Microsoft said, is consistently being updated, so the extra layer of protection you get on Chrome, which has a similar existing function for itself, may be useful.

More information on the extension is available here, and users can check it out on the Chrome Web Store here. –

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