Netflix looking at ‘consumer-friendly ways’ to limit password sharing

Nadine Pacis
Netflix looking at ‘consumer-friendly ways’ to limit password sharing
The company is monitoring it but says it doesn't have any big plans yet

MANILA, Philippines – The days of password sharing on Netflix may be numbered, but it may not entirely be all gloom and doom for piggy backers on Netflix.

Currently, Netflix users can get subscriptions that allow them to share their accounts with other people. The system is meant to help people share an account within the same household. However, password sharing often happens beyond the househould, with Netflix users able to share an account with friends so long as they don’t use the service at the same time. One survey reveals that about 13.7 million users or 10% of the Netflix user base share passwords. This equates to about $135 million of unfulfilled potential revenues for the company. 

During its third-quarter earnings call, it’s a question that the company answered. 

“We continue to monitor it. We’re looking at the situation and we’ll see getting those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edges of that. But we’ve got not big plans to announce at this point in time in terms of doing something differently there,” said Netflix chief product officer Greg Peters. The brief discussion on the matter starts at the 30:22 mark of the interview below:

As spotted by Newsweek, Netflix’s terms and conditions state that sharing an account beyond one househould is prohibited: “The Netflix service and any content viewed through the service are for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household.” As many people continue to share, it’s clear it’s not really being seriously enforced, and the executive’s answer doesn’t make it appear like it’s an urgent issue at the company right now. –  



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