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Syria’s Internet goes dark

Victor Barreiro Jr.
The ability of the average Syrian to communicate with the outside world has been hampered with the loss of Internet connectivity in the country

SYRIAN NET CUTOFF. The loss of Internet connectivity underscores increasing tensions in Syria.

MANILA, Philippines – A number of different sources have confirmed that Syria has lost Internet connectivity.

The Renesys Corporation and Umbrella Security Labs both noted the loss of Internet connectivity or an otherwise sharp drop in traffic from Syria. Umbrella Security Labs also has an explanation for how the cutoff could have occurred.

No official word has been given regarding the cutoff. Neither has an estimated time been given for the return of Internet connectivity.

The cutoff occurred some time after Israel’s air strikes against Syria, all while fighting between rebels and the Syrian regime is taking place. Syrian rebels also recently abducted 4 Filipino peacekeepers in the area.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has brought home Filipinos in Syria following the tensions there. –

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Victor Barreiro Jr.

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