Apple TouchID bypassed with fake prints, paws

Victor Barreiro Jr.
A series of reports show how Apple's TouchID on the iPhone 5S can be bypassed in a number of different ways

TOUCHID BYPASSED? A number of reports show that you can lock and unlock an iPhone 5S with fake prints, cat paws, and other body parts. Screen shot from YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – The TouchID function of the iPhone 5S allows users to protect their phones with a fingerprint, but a number of different reports are showing that users can lock their phones with fake fingerprints, as well as other body parts and even cat paws.

The Chaos Computer Club posted an article and a related video detailing how one could reportedly create a fake fingerprint based off a photograph of someone’s fingerprint from a glass surface. The process isn’t easy, but it does seem doable if someone really wanted to bypass someone’s phone security.

TechCrunch has a report detailing how other portions of a person’s skin could be used to lock and access an iPhone 5S. TechCrunch also managed to lock and unlock an iPhone 5S using a cat’s pawprint.

Japanese culture news site RocketNews24 also released a report (translation from English site) and videos showing how one could use their toe or nipple as a lock for the iPhone 5S with a bit of added difficulty in getting those body parts to register as the lock.

While the TouchID is an interesting idea, these reports make it appear that crazy workarounds can turn the TouchID feature either a hilarious gimmick or a serious security issue for users. –

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