PlayStation VR in the Philippines: What it is, where to pre-order

Victor Barreiro Jr.
PlayStation VR in the Philippines: What it is, where to pre-order
Here's what you need to know about the PlayStation VR ahead of time, in case you're interested in trying out virtual reality gaming

HONG KONG – Philippine PlayStation 4 owners may be curious as to what to expect when Sony’s virtual reality gear – the PlayStation VR – comes out on October 13.

Here’s what you need to know about the PlayStation VR ahead of time, in case you’re interested in trying out virtual reality gaming. 

What it is

Sony’s PlayStation VR is a virtual reality system that allows users to immerse themselves in a 3D space of their choice based on the game (and eventually, other media) they decide to play.

Users will need the PS4, the VR headset, and a PlayStation Camera to use the VR system.

By moving your head using the headset (which is also tracked by the camera to determine depth) the graphics will change in real time to accommodate your own movement. 

From my experience with the horror VR experience called The Kitchen, users will be able to move their head forward and backward to lean in or out, in addition to bobbing their head around which will also adjust how far things look in game from your vantage point. 

From horror scenarios like the Kitchen experience and the Resident Evil universe to shooters like Farpoint, there are a variety of experiences that are served by the PlayStation VR system, which is used in conjunction with a PlayStation 4.


Specs and capabilities

While I’ve mentioned the requirements and some of the capabilities for the PlayStation VR system, let’s discuss some specifications for the headset itself.

The PlayStation VR headset weighs around 610 grams with a processing unit that weighs around 365 grams but doesn’t need to actually bog you down if you set it on a table near you. 

The PSVR uses an 5.7-inch OLED display with a 1920×1080 resolution that is actually 960×1080 per eye and has a 120Hz refresh rate. There is a 100-degree field of view as well. 

The Social Screen feature

For those wondering what the Processor Unit is for, it does the 3D audio processing, as well as provides a nifty PSVR-exclusive feature for group enjoyment: The Social Screen.  

The Social Screen allows users to join in on a VR experience via two modes: Mirroring Mode and Separate Mode. 

Mirroring mode allows the television to show other people what the VR headset wearer is looking at. This was used to great effect at Sony’s press event in Hong Kong, as onlookers could watch people play the various VR experiences.

Separate mode, meanwhile, allows for cooperative or competitive play. For games like PlayRoom VR, this means that the headset user can see the game from his VR-enabled point of view while other people play with or against him on the television.

THE GANG'S ALL HERE. Batman, Final Fantasy XV's Cid, and Hatsune Miku pose with the PlayStation VR.

Pricing and pre-orders

If you own a PlayStation Camera already, then you’ll simply need the base PlayStation VR pack, which costs P22,900. With with PlayStation Camera, the bundle costs P25,290.

Sony has also announced specific Sony Centers and PlayStation authorized dealers across Metro Manila where you can pre-order the PlayStation VR or the bundle, beginning July 30. 

These are:

  • Sony Centers in SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia
  • Gameline in SM North Annex
  • GameXtreme in VMall
  • Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall
  • Data Blitz in SM Aura
  • iTech in Glorietta 4

PlayStation VR demo discs will be available at the Sony centers and PlayStation authorized dealers, allowing new PSVR owners to try out a bunch of different types of content on day one.

Are you planning on picking a PlayStation VR unit for yourself?

Let us know what you think in the comments, and do take some time to write about your experiences with PlayStation VR at its release on X. – 

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