Loot guide: 20 cool stuff we wanted to buy at ESGS

Gelo Gonzales
Check out our list if you're planning to do some early, geek-friendly Christmas shopping! We've included links to online stores to help you out.

The eSports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2016 hosted an exciting lineup of gaming tournaments and the freshest games from studios both big and small, global and local, from October 28 to 30 at the SMX Convention Center Center. 

While the games took centerstage, you can’t deny that part of the fun in these events is checking out the merchandise. We scoured the shoppers’ lane at ESGS and found these cool products. We also made sure to ask for their online stores so you can buy whatever you fancy even after the gates of ESGS have long closed. Here goes: 

1) Adventure Time backpack

Price: P900

Buy it from: OhmyGd Shirts

2) R2D2 wireframe lamp 

Price: P2,000

Buy it from: Abubot

3) “Pokemon Go is my cardio” shirt

Price: P320

Buy it from: Abubot

4) Geek lanyards

Price: P80

Buy it from: Philly’s Kawaii Corner

5) Replica swords

Price: P700 to P1,500

Buy it from: Long Live Play PH

6) Megaman action figure

Price: P7,000

Buy it from: Otaku Hobbit Toys PH 

7) eSports team shirts

Price: From P599 

Buy it from: Secretshop.ph

8) Dragon Ball Z villain shirts

Price: P450

Buy it from: EKS Clothing 

9) “Trust in Dustin” (Stranger Things) shirt

Price: P450

Buy it from: Poop Shop

10) Voltes V shirts

Price: P450

Buy it from: Poop Shop

11) Studio Ghibli shirts

Price: P450

Buy it from: Poop Shop

12) Retro controllers for Android  

Price: P2,100 to P2,500

Buy it from: Long Live Play PH

13) Pikachu cap

Price: P250

Buy it from: Hatah hatah

14) Chibi League of Legends shirt

Price: P250 

Buy it from: Philly’s Kawaii Corner

15) Haruhi Suzumiya figure

Price: P500

Buy it from: Saiki’s Toyland

16) Saitama chibi figures 

Price: P650 (set of 3), P1,000 (set of 3 plus rotating stand)

Buy it from: Mugiwara Shop 

17) SSJ3 Goku figure

Price: P1,400

Buy it from: Mugiwara Shop

18) Dragon Ball Z hoodie

Price: P1,100

Buy it from: Mugiwara Shop

19) ‘Politricks’ card game

Price: P600

Buy it from: Gaming Library

20) ‘Cards Against Humanity’ card game

Price: P1,700

Buy it from: Gaming Library

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Gelo Gonzales

Gelo Gonzales is Rappler’s technology editor. He covers consumer electronics, social media, emerging tech, and video games.