PS2 turns 20: What were your favorite games for the console? Here are 5 of ours

Kyle Chua
We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite games released on Sony’s top-selling console


PS2. A student holds a package of Sony's PlayStation 2 after buying it at an electronic shop in Tokyo, on launch day, March 4, 2000. Photo by Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP

MANILA, Philippines – Sony’s blockbuster game console, the PlayStation 2, celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday, March 4, having been released on the same day in the year 2000. 

It remains the best-selling console of all time, having sold over 155 million units worldwide since it stopped production in 2013. 

To honor the PlayStation 2’s iconic legacy and near-decade long dominance in the industry, we’re listing down some of our favorite games to have been released on the console

The console featured the much-hyped 128-bit Emotion Engine CPU and launched in Japan at a price of 39,800 yen. File photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP

Resident Evil 4

The fourth main installment of Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise refreshed the series as whole unlike any that came before it, trading the clunky controls of earlier entries for a more action-oriented over-the-shoulder third person view. What it kept from its predecessors, however, were the scares.

And as much as some people love to argue that it steered the series more towards the action genre, Resident Evil 4 packed enough tense survival-horror moments – from managing limited resources to fighting chainsaw-wielding, bullet sponge villagers – to make longtime fans satisfied Remember the merchant?

God of War 2

Just when people thought the PlayStation 2 was just about done, God of War 2 comes out and reels everyone back in. See, saying this sequel is an improvement over the first is a huge understatement. God of War 2 is twice as awe-inspiring; twice as action-packed, and, of course, twice as fun as the original. Plus, we would be hard pressed to find another character that beats up bosses the way series anti-hero Kratos does:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Most people who played video games when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out probably have fond memories of the game whether they owned it or not. While the game featured an interesting crime fantasy story told through a series of story missions, we actually wouldn’t be surprised if you spent most of your time causing as much virtual chaos as you possibly can. That’s the fun of the game, after all. It’s a sprawling sandbox that gives you the freedom to do just about anything you can imagine. And then it became a meme: 


Kingdom Hearts 2

When Kingdom Hearts was first announced, no one really thought the crossover between Final Fantasy and Disney could ever work. But everyone’s doubts turned to excitement with the first game delivering a fresh story and a unique action-RPG combat system, which felt fast and fluid. Kingdom Hearts 2, similar to most sequels, builds upon the foundation laid by the first entry, adding gameplay elements, characters, and worlds that made the game all the more memorable. 

The best part? Summons, one of the coolest parts in Final Fantasy games, were carried over.

Guitar Hero 2

All of us have probably dreamed of becoming rock stars at some point in our life, but not all of us are musically inclined. That’s why Guitar Hero was the closest thing we could get to jamming out to our favorite rock songs. The sequel, Guitar Hero 2, didn’t really bring anything new to the music rhythm game series, except a killer track list featuring some of the most raved about rock and metal tunes in history.

Thanks for the memories, PS2! It’s the most hyped console in the history of gaming, and it completely lived up to those loft expectations. This year, Sony is expected to release its latest, the PlayStation 5. –