Inside an Amazon warehouse during the coronavirus

Inside an Amazon warehouse during the coronavirus
Amazon warehouses around the US are reporting cases of COVID-19. A worker at an Amazon warehouse in the Midwest describes the situation during coronavirus: 'It’s getting bad.'

Amazon is one of the few businesses that have seen a significant increase in profits due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, has reportedly seen his wealth skyrocket by $24 billion. But many workers at Amazon warehouses say the company has prioritized keeping its facilities open over the safety of its employees.

Gautama Mehta, reporting fellow at Coda Story, interviewed employees who have participated in walkouts over the past month and alleged inadequate cleaning at facilities, poor transparency and communication from management, unkept promises of paid sick leave, and illegal retaliation against strike organizers as their reasons for protesting. K. is one of them. She said she participated in a walkout because she was afraid of contracting the virus that would endanger the health of her children.

Today, May 1, is International Workers’ Day. Workers at Amazon facilities are ready to join employees of Target, Instacart, Whole Foods, and FedEx in a coordinated walkout. –

This article has been republished from Coda Story with permission.

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