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‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ hits 5-million mark in global sales

Gelo Gonzales
‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ hits 5-million mark in global sales

Screenshot from Final Fantasy VII Remake/Square Enix

Thanks in part to the coronavirus lockdown, 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' also becomes Square Enix's best-selling game on the PlayStation's digital store

Arguably the year’s best JRPG and one of the more memorable games across a number of genres, Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PS4 has hit the 5-million mark in global sales, publisher Square Enix announced on Friday, August 7.

The sales figure includes both physical shipments and digital sales, and according to the company, it’s their highest-selling digital release ever.

The game’s release, April 10, 2020, coincided with global lockdowns caused by the coronavirus, pushing many to opt for a digital copy.

The original Final Fantasy VII remains the best-selling mainline Final Fantasy game of all time with about 13.1 million units sold as of April 2020. Following VII are Final Fantasy X (10.5 million), Final Fantasy XV (8.8 million), Final Fantasy VIII (8.1 million), and Final Fantasy XIII (7.7 million), according to IGN.

Another sales winner for the PlayStation 4 during the coronavirus era is The Last of Us Part 2, which Sony says sold 4 million copies within 3 days of release. Final Fantasy VII Remake, on the other hand, sold 3.5 million in the same time span.

Along with the milestone announcement, Square Enix also said the game will be on sale “up to 34% off” until August 19 on the PlayStation Store. –

Gelo Gonzales

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