TechRap Level 1: ‘Death’s Door’

Gelo Gonzales
Check out indie gem 'Death's Door,' a beautiful isometric action adventure title with a little bit of classic 'Legend of Zelda' flavor

Devolver Digital’s E3 showcases have always been known for bringing an off-kilter oddball flavor to the big annual gaming event that’s often more known for the massive triple-A trailer reveals.

On this episode of TechRap Level 1, we partake in the publisher’s taste for the unique as we check out the Legend of Zelda-like trappings of Death’s Door. Developed by Acid Nerve, a two-person UK-based indie developer, the isometric action-adventure puts you in the talons of a feathered Grim Reaper – a biped crow to be exact – whose day job is, you guessed it, to reap souls.

Using a glowing red blade that looks like a light saber from afar to hack away at enemies, this crow has a Link-like arsenal of moves that include light combos, charged heavy attacks, and a bow to deal with critters and the giant, fantastic-looking bosses in the game. The level design is part of the challenge as well, with a familiar hit-the-switch, find-the-key adventuring style.

For the short time we’ve played it, there’s almost a Dark Souls-type pacing to it. You collect souls to upgrade your stats; you open up shortcuts that allow you get to more advanced parts of the stage so you won’t have to replay an entire map if you die; and you have to adopt a hit and dodge attack style while memorizing boss patterns to succeed.

Death’s Door is a very pleasant indie surprise, with the understated but impactful look to boot. Check out our playthrough up to the first boss here!

The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles. –

Gelo Gonzales

Gelo Gonzales is Rappler’s technology editor. He covers consumer electronics, social media, emerging tech, and video games.