Netizens poke fun at ‘confusing’ Anti-Distracted Driving Act

Don Kevin Hapal
Netizens poke fun at ‘confusing’ Anti-Distracted Driving Act
Where will you place your phone? Can dogs be on the dashboard? What about distracting passengers?

MANILA, Philippines – Confused about the rules of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, Filipinos reacted with a mix of bewilderment, annoyance, and humor online.

The new law prohibits using cellphones or gadgets while behind the wheel, whether the vehicle is moving or at a stoplight. But motorists are complaining about the ambiguity of the rules, especially the definition of “line of sight” and what makes a gadget an obstruction.



Some responded to the backlash, saying that people should be focusing more on the “essence of the law” – road safety.



As more people posted online about their confusion, some poked fun at the new law, asking ridiculous questions to authorities.




Others came up with hilarious ways to not get caught.



Several senators also think the rules need to be cleared up. In the meantime, they want the Department of Transportation to suspend the implementation of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act.

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