Facebook Live more accessible to PWDs with Closed Captions

Supratik Lahiri, Jeffrey Wieland
Facebook Live more accessible to PWDs with Closed Captions
Closed captions will help those who are deaf or hard of hearing experience Facebook Live videos

This is an announcement from Facebook. 

Making Facebook accessible to everyone is a key part of building a global community. Starting Tuesday, June 6, we’re allowing publishers to include closed captions in Facebook Live, helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience live videos. 

If your captioning settings are turned on, you’ll automatically see closed captions on Live broadcasts when they’re available.

Over the past year, daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has grown by more than 4x, and 1 in 5 Facebook videos is a Live broadcast. By enabling publishers to include closed captions with their Live broadcasts, we hope more people can now participate in the exciting moments that unfold on Live.

This milestone represents the next step in our efforts to make content on Facebook accessible to more people. It’s already possible to add captions to non-live videos when uploading them to Facebook Pages, and publishers can use our speech recognition service to automatically generate captions for videos on their Pages.

Click here to learn how to add closed captions to Facebook Live broadcasts. 

Supratik Lahiri is the Product Manager and Jeffrey Wieland is the Director of Accessibility at Facebook. Accessibility is committed to building features and technologies that help people with disabilities, like vision loss and deafness, to get the most out of Facebook.


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