What’s the magic word behind popular Facebook posts?

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What’s the magic word behind popular Facebook posts?
Find out which one word can pluck your posts out of relative obscurity and push them to the top of the Facebook news feed

MANILA, Philippines – Ever wanted your Facebook status to be at the top of everyone’s news feed?

In the age of social media, many people consider successful posts as personal badges of honor. Time and effort goes into crafting even the simplest of text posts, all in an effort to earn a few more likes or comments. Once the post is up, the number of times it is checked for notifications tends to exceed the number of notifications.

Is there a secret to Facebook’s all-knowing news feed?

A recent report by Business Insider says that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had the news feed’s algorithm tweaked so that if a certain word was commented on a post, it got bumped up.

The magic word? “Congratulations!”

Recently got married? Facebook says: Congratulations, your life event deserves a place of honor on everyone’s news feed!

Have a new job? Facebook says: Congratulations, you have a new top text post as well!

Gave birth to your fourth child? Facebook says: Congratulations, every single one of your friends will see your little angel’s first photo today!

It is no coincidence since this word is the most likely reaction to big events in a person’s life. Proof that Facebook loves its users, this seems to be their own little way of helping you celebrate the big moment.

The next time you want your social media post to get plucked out of relative obscurity, package it in a way that will get your friends to say any of the following:

Congratulations on eating half a sandwich today!

Congratulations! You made it out of the MRT alive again!

I love that “Congratulations” shirt you’re wearing.

I think you spelled “Congratulations” wrong…

Congratulations to Mike for picking me as his best friend. Excellent choice.

I accepted your friend request. Congratulations, peasant.

Do you have any secrets for making a successful post? Share them with us in the comments section! – Rappler.com

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