What do netizens hope for #This2015?

Rappler Social Media Team
What do netizens hope for #This2015?
We collected the most interesting New Year's resolutions from our readers

MANILA, Philippines – Making resolutions in the new year is par for the course. Promises to start exercising regularly, to travel to spots you’ve never been, to forget past woes, and to create new career and social opportunities are some of the most common of these resolutions, and chances are, you’ve seen them circulating on social media for several days now. 

Not all resolutions are cookie-cutter, however. We’ve asked netizens to tweet their resolutions using the hashtag #This2015, and we collected some of the most interesting responses. Sometimes, just going to the gym more is not going to cut it. The best answers ranged from terrifyingly brave, to downright hilarious, and many gave us a very rare and more intimate glimpse into people’s lives.

Did your resolution make the cut? Find out here!

Want to share your resolutions with us? Let us know in the comments section below! – Rappler.com

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