April 7, 2012 Edition


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  1. US Navy jet crashes on apartments

    A Navy fighter jet “malfunctioned” Friday during takeoff, dumped jet fuel and crashed into apartment buildings in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The two pilots, a student pilot and and experienced instructor, survived by ejecting before impact. Rescue crews did an initial search of the apartments and said 95% of residents have been accounted for. No one was reported missing.


    The full story from CNN.

    Watch CNN’s video:

  2. Woman nailed to the cross in Bulacan

    More than 20 fanatics, including one woman, were nailed to crosses in the northern city of San Fernando and nearby Paombong town in Bulacan. A Catholic bishop said the Church does not encourage the extreme show of worship, but does not fault those who go through it.


    Watch Rappler’s video:

    Also: Crucifixions still draws tourists, crowds

  3. UK’s Sky News hacked e-mails

    British Broadcaster Sky News admitted it authorized its journalists to hack into e-mails, saying it was “editorially justified and in the public interest.” The admission follows a broadsheet expose on Sky New’s journalism practices. James Murdoch, younger son of media mogul Rupert Murdock resigned as chairman of Sky News owners BSkyB last week.

    Read more on CNN.

  4. NBC fires producer of misleading Zimmerman audio clip

    NBC fired the producer of a misleading story on the Trayvon Martin case. The story carried a clip of the killer, George Zimmerman saying, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”  On the phone with a 911 dispatcher, Zimmerman actually said of Martin, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.” Then the dispatcher asked, “O.K., and this guy — is he white, black or Hispanic?” Only then did Mr. Zimmerman say, “He looks black.”

    Read more from New York Times.

  5. Coup leader vows to turn over power

    Captain Amadou Sanogo, the junior officer who launched a successful coup in Mali last month has signed an accord to return country to constitutional rule following crippling sanctions imposed by neighbors. The announcement was made late on Friday night in the heels of the declaration of independence of separatist rebels in the country’s north.

    Read more on The Guardian.

  6. US Military trained Iranian dissidents

    Listed by the State Department as a terrorist group, Iranian opposition group the Mujahedin-e Khalqisted was trained by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in Nevada, the New Yorker reveals in a report entitled “Our Men in Iran?” Another case of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend?”


    Read more on The New Yorker.

  7. China arrests after kidney sold for iPad

    A surgeon and four other people have been arrested after a 17-year old boy sold his kidney so he could buy an iPhone and an iPad. The student reportedly received $3,000 for his kidney, while the middlemen received around $35,000 for the organ. The student, who found the kidney-for-sale offer online, is said to be suffering renal failure.

    Read more from BBC.

  8. Google gives sneak peek into augmented reality glasses

    Google unveiled “Project glass” augmented reality eyewear that places information over the view from the users’ right eye. Google said they wanted feedback on the idea.


    Read more on Rappler.

    Project Glass on Google+.

  9. Stunning Martian twister photo out

    A new photo taken by a NASA spacecraft shows a gigantic twister racing across the surface of Mars. The stunning image was taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). It captured the 12 mile-high whirlwind making its way through the Amazonis Planitia region of northern Mars.

    Read more here.

  10. Height linked to ovarian cancer in women

    Worldwide evidence shows that taller women have a slightly higher risk of ovarian cancer. The study span 14 countries including 25,000 women with ovarian cancer and more than 80,000 women without ovarian cancer.

    Read more from BBC.

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