BISYO: A special report on Sin Tax
Will genuine tax reforms remain wanting because of compromises with the powerful tobacco lobby? Watch this special report on the Sin Tax bill

MANILA, Philippines – Will the Abaya version (HS 5727) of the Sin Tax bill on cigarettes and alcohol finally be enacted into law? Or will genuine tax reforms be compromised because of the powerful tobacco lobby?

These are some of the questions raised in the special report BISYO, hosted by respected broadcast journalist & Rappler editor-at-large Cheche Lazaro. Through interviews with past and present prime movers in the tobacco industry, BISYO looks at the efforts of the government to institute genuine tax reforms. It also investigates the relationship between the tobacco monopoly and politics – especially in the House of Representatives. Aired recently on ANC, BISYO spotlights complex issues that go beyond the controversial habit.

Watch it here:

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