Lance Armstrong apologizes for doping

Natashya Gutierrez
Cyclist Lance Armstrong finally admits using performance enhancing drugs

DEEPLY FLAWED. Lance Armstrong, admits he used performance enhancing drugs and tells Oprah he has a deeply flawed character. AFP Photo.

MANILA, Philippines – Cyclist Lance Armstrong finally admits using performance enhancing drugs.
Natashya Gutierrez reports.

Finally, Lance Armstrong owns up.
After years of denial, the disgraced cyclist admits to Oprah Winfrey he used performance enhancing drugs.
Armstrong apologizes for years of cheating and lying, calling himself a deeply flawed character.
He says “I made my decisions. They’re my mistake, and I’m sitting here today to acknowledge that and to say I’m sorry for that.”
Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and banned for life after the US Anti-Doping Agency released a report chronicling Armstrong’s drug use.
He says the last time he used drugs was in 2005 and denies he used any on his comeback Tour de France races in 2009 and 2010.
Armstrong says it was almost impossible to win a title without doping and didn’t think it was wrong when he did it.
Armstrong denies he forced teammates to dope but took the blame from fans and media.
The International Cycling Union calls the confessions “disturbing,” but says it will help the sport recover from its drug-fueled past.
Its president says it’s an important step forward on the long road to repairing the damage to cycling and to restore confidence in the sport.
In the wake of Armstrong’s admissions, the sport of cycling must now find a way to rebuild its reputation.
But Armstrong’s confessions may just be the beginning.
What made Armstrong confess now?
What legal charges await him?
And more importantly, will the world ever forgive Armstrong?
Natashya Gutierrez, Rappler, Manila.

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