More witnesses vs Napoles surface
More witnesses with personal knowledge of transactions involving Janet Napoles surface.

MANILA, Philippines – More witnesses with personal knowledge of transactions involving Janet Napoles surface.

Lawyers say the witnesses will provide corroborating testimony about people involved in the intricate web of corruption.

Chay Hofileña reports.

Ten of the NGOs which received a total of P2.157 billion are presently linked to Janet Lim Napoles.

What we’ve seen and heard so far is just the tip of the iceberg.
Lawyers of witnesses against alleged pork barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles say their testimonies will complete the picture.
It’s a tale of how billions of pesos in public funds were lost to anomalous deals involving lawmakers, fictitious NGOs, and government officials.

There’s a new group of witnesses who have come forward with their own testimonies and they’re willing to cooperate with the NBI and the DOJ, full cooperation.

There are at least 4 new witnesses some employees of JLN Corporation, the flagship company of the Napoleses.
New testimony links a Sandiganbayan justice to Napoles and Sen Jinggoy Estrada.
The sworn statements are submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation Thursday.

Ang bagong information lamang doon ay yung sinasabi ng isang witness na merong isang justice ng Sandiganbayan na laging dumadalo sa mga parties, private parties ni Ginang Napoles. At alam naman natin na kung ikaw ay isang hukom ay mahigpit na ipinagbabawal yan na sumali ka mga ganyang aktibidad, lalung-lalo na kung yung dinadaluhan mo ng party ay mayroon kaso sa iyo. (The only new information from one of the witnesses is the Sandiganbayan justice who always attends the private parties of Mrs. Napoles. We all know if you’re a justice, it is strictly prohibited for you to attend these activities especially if you’re handling a case involving the host of the party.)

Though unnamed by Baligod, Rappler finds out Associate Justice Gregory Ong is among the justices whose division handled the Kevlar helmet case.
Janet Napoles was acquitted in the case.
A photo obtained by Rappler shows Ong with Napoles and Senator Jinggoy Estrada.
Ong denies knowing Napoles and says it is a mere photo opportunity.
Baligod says it proves the extent of Napoles’ influence.
The justice department is preparing a plunder case against Napoles and her accomplices.

A lot of people are saying she could be given plush accommodations. Yun yung fear ng iba, mapa-pamper siya. (That’s what some people fear – that she will be pampered.) And the remaining group honestly believe that she’s so powerful that eventually this will all go away.
Benipayo says her clients are coming forward as a sign of goodwill.

Having worked with Janet Napoles for about 10 years, her employees have a strong sense of loyalty and fear of the woman they call Madame.
One of them backs out when Janet Napoles surfaces to surrender Wednesday.

It’s best if they just cooperated and volunteered their testimonies because isa lang yan eh, para sa bayan. We have to put a stop to this.

Chay Hofileña, Rappler, Manila. –

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