Pope Francis calls to fight injustice

Pope Francis calls to fight injustice
The champion of the poor emphasizes the Church's duty to guide and watch over the flock

MANILA, Philippines – Pope Francis speaks to a thousand priests, bishops, and religious persons at the Manila Cathedral on day two of his visit in the Philippines.

Calling on government officials to fight corruption, the Pope explains how moral resources translate into national goals.

Katerina Francisco reports.

Pope Francis’ first two speeches in the Philippines both bear a similar message: a call to fight injustice

He told government officials in Malacanang Palace to reject corruption and inequality.

The same challenge he issues to Filipino priests here at the Manila Cathedral.

The pope hailed as the champion of the poor calls on the clergy to remember their vows of poverty and follow Christ’s example

POPE FRANCIS: The Church in the Philippines is called to acknowledge and combat the causes of the deeply rooted inequality and injustice which mar the face of Filipino society.

As ambassadors for Christ, we, bishops, priests and religious, ought to be the first to welcome his reconciling grace into our hearts.  Saint Paul makes clear what this means.  It means rejecting worldly perspectives and seeing all things anew in the light of Christ.  It means being the first to examine our consciences, to acknowledge our failings and sins, and to embrace the path of constant conversion.  

Only by becoming poor ourselves, by stripping away our complacency, will we be able to identify with the least of our brothers and sisters.  

The Pope’s homily came at a time when the Church faces its own share of corruption scandals and controversies.

But this is a Pope who has not been afraid to point out illnesses within his own institution and his message today follows on the same self-reflective attitude and  a call to action.

Katerina Francisco, Rappler, Manila.  Rappler.com

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