Review: Apple Watch
Review: Apple Watch
Rappler gives you the lowdown on the Apple Watch

We got our hands on the much-coveted Apple Watch! Is it worth the hype?

Matthew Ang reports.

Before Rappler’s editors road tested the Apple Watch,
we asked the crucial question: how does it fit into the lifestyle of the young urban Filipino professional?
Hands down, the watch is ideal for yuppies on the go – in Rappler’s case, journalists.
While your mind is focused on your work it gives you a tap on the wrist that’s – to say the least – discreet.
It’s ideal for boardrooms, meetings, and – yes – interviewing your source.
You will no longer look distracted hunting for your phone to get that important text, email or OTT message.
For those who drive, and inevitably have to check their phones, the Apple Watch is ideal for that quick notification without letting go of the wheel.
If you commute, it keeps your hands free to hold other stuff – is less prone to snatching because you can keep your phone tucked in your pack while you remain updated.
The Apple Watch, like other wearables, ushers in an age of “inconspicuous consumption,” letting you remain connected while on a date or getting quality time with the family without constantly checking your phone.
You’ll thank Apple when all the comments about you being too obsessed with your work goes away.
Having said that, we agree – navigating the Apple Watch requires a steep learning curve for older professionals.
It’s not an easy learn for the 40 somethings and older, but should be a breeze for digital natives.
Rapplers twentysomethings’ got the hang of it in a day.
Aside from Apple’s native apps like Messages and Mail, apps with Apple Watch support like LINE and Twitter are really nifty, allowing you to retweet and reply with short messages like ‘ok’ and ‘thank you’ – and even emojis and stickers.
Its Activity app is not bad at all – you can get immersed in the task at hand..
and you’ll have your watch to remind you to stand up and move.
It also tells you when you’ve reached or exceeded your activity goals…
easing your mind that you haven’t totally neglected your body.
Top on the list of missing must-haves: longer battery life.
If you get as much email and messages as we do in Rappler, the so-called 18 hours of battery life only gets you past dinnertime…
leaving you watchless if you decide to party after.
It’s quite pitiful if you compare with other wearables that can last up to a week.
It’s water-resistant but not water-proof – a downer for people who want to shower with their watches although it should be safe to wear when washing your hands.
Most of all, we want third parties to hurry and provide more interactivity for their watch apps like replies on Google Mail, Hangouts, Viber and Facebook beyond ‘dismiss’.
Overall, the Apple Watch can become an indispensable extension to the iPhone –  letting you deal with the mundane and focus on what matters the most.
Matthew Ang, Rappler, Manila. –


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