1st Rappler Gaming League Invitational Week 1 recap: TNC Pro Gaming vs Team Loli

1st Rappler Gaming League Invitational Week 1 recap: TNC Pro Gaming vs Team Loli
TNC Pro Gaming and Team Loli clash in the Rappler Gaming League's Invitational DotA2 Tournament

Rappler Gaming League Invitational
Season 1, Match 1

Loli vs TNC Pro Gaming

Game 1

TNC Pro Gaming lays out a ranged, damage heavy lineup, working with a handful of synergizing abilities such as Vengeance Aura, Wave of Terror, Precision Aura, and Presence of the Dark Lord. Loli banks on a Naga Siren pick in preparation for a late game scenario, complimenting her with two high utility supports to ensure they can survive the onslaught of TNC’s early game prowess.

Loli.Vin-Naga Siren gives away a couple of kills to TNC.Teehee-Shadow Fiend during the early minutes of the game, putting him in a better position for the mid game phase. The same can’t be said for his teammates however, who are on the back foot because of Loli’s well timed rotations. TNC responds in kind by forcing team fights from Loli, overpowering them, and putting them out of position for the remainder of the match.

The necessary Radiance pickup on Naga Siren does come online, albeit a little too late as TNC rolls over Loli come the 24:00 minute mark.

TNC Pro Gaming breaks the tie with a well executed team fight at the Rosh pit


Game 2

Fully aware which heroes worked for them in their previous game against Loli, TNC Pro Gaming opts to pick up Queen of Pain and Earthshaker once again, primarily for the Echo Slam + Sonic Wave instagib. TNC decides to be more responsive in this match, picking up a Chen for his Hand of God ability as soon as Loli goes for Nyx Assassin. The remainder of Loli’s puzzling lineup is composed of heroes whose capabilities synergize only at a shallow level and are very situational: Rubick, Io and Windranger are difficult to position without a proper initiate.

TNC.Seven-Earthshaker’s superb Fissure positions and blocks puts Loli’s ranged advantage working against them. Without the early game synergies and a means to respond to TNC’s more reliable disables, Loli loses heroes left and right, helpless against TNC’s offensive play.

Rendered ineffective without the much needed gold and experience, Loli folds to TNC no later than than minute 17. – Rappler.com

Taking advantage of his excess farm, TNC.Teehee bravely charges in with Juggernaut’s Bladefury

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